Wednesday, June 1, 2011

summary ' and the lucky number is...'

Centuries,people have given importance to numbers and developed superstitions about Pythagoras and it have been passed through the generation and still exists today.Many of superstitions surrounding have a basic in science and nature.Human life was divided into seven ages because they believed that every seventh year bring great change.Numbers dont have the same meaning in all cultures.Five is considered a lucky number in Egypt .But five is unlucky number in Ghana because they think give five of anything is to wish the person evil.Number four was a perfect number symbolizing unity,endurance,and balance.In China,four is unlucky number because it sounds like a word for death.The number that seems to be almost universally considered unlucky is thirteen.The ancient Romans regarded it as a symbol of death,destruction and misfortune.But,some people will go to great lengths to avoid the number of thirteen.From ancient civilizations to modern socities,the belief in the magic of numbers has persisted in spite of the advances in science and technology.There is nothing quite as stubborn as superstitions.