Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Typically, there is trust among the public about the existence ofother spirits in nature, known as ghosts. In Malay society, beliefsabout the spirits, also known as the spirit, goblin, and keepershave long existed since ancient animist again. This practice stillcontinues until the present. Malay community believe in ghostsusually go out at night, especially when the full moon. Ghost in thespirit of the Malay community is awesome. In addition, there areghosts in the belief that the Malays are a woman or a creature thatresembles a woman (long hair) as a white board. Picture ofancient society and media people now believe in ghosts cause ared eye and there was blood on the mouth because of this spirithas sharp teeth to suck blood. There are various types of ghostsand creatures in the Malay community. For example, vampires and toyol.
Vampires came from women who died while still bear children.There is also another belief that the spirits of wild Pontianak intent to harass people. Pontianak is also sometimes spelled as onekind of vampire is a ghost that told in the book Hikayat Abdullah.Ancient society believed Pontianak has the disadvantage that the hole in the back of the neck. Any party that managed to punch a hole in the back of the neck will make the Pontianak was a beautiful woman, but the creature will appear as Pontianak back ifthe nail removed.
Toyol is believed to come from the jinn or demons that are kept by the community to help steal. Toyol often depicted as a small child, who is also known as a perennial. Practitioners of witchcraftbecause they want to keep toyol steal from your neighbors. SmallToyol can sneak into a locked room and stole the valuables arehidden in anywhere. Toyol described as a small children nakedhaving red eyes and sharp teeth. It is maintained and kept in small bottles. Toyol owner must provide blood to all living creatures,especially the moon. If the owner is a member toyol blood to be kept, then the creatures that will suck the blood of their immediate family members.