Wednesday, August 3, 2011


:: awareness of deforestation ::

* In Nigeria 81% of its original forest cover is now permanently lost.
*The tropical rainforests of Brazil lost 90-95% of their trees over the decade.
*The forests of Central America are down by Two-thirds low lands,since 1950.
*Countries like India,Mexico,Philiphines,China,Indonesia,Sri Lanka,Thailand and the Congo lost 50% of their rainforests.

:: effect of deforestation ::

*Loss of fuel wood,means depriving soil of nutrition , leads to a receding forest.It causes an increase in rainfall , risks of flooding and soil erosion.
*A loss of trees emits a high concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases , which cause green house effect and increase global temperature slowly.
*It also leads to drier atmosphere that increases the risk of forest fires.
*The watershed protection of the forests diminishes , leading to stream erosion ,loss of fisheries and water supply , as well as the loss of reaction.

what do you think the use of technology in reducing and minimizing the problem?

In think,the use of technology in reducing and minimizing the problem is we can use media electronic like make the advertisement about minimizing the deforestation.

In your opinion ,blog is able to stimulate environmental awareness among

In my opinion,blog is able to stimulate environmental awareness among community especially the blogger because the blogger always like to share their information on blog because they have many their blog followers.So,base on the topic about awareness of deforestation,they can get or share many ideas about it.